About Us


    Change for Animals of Missouri (CAMO) is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization on a mission to better the quality of life of the many animals in shelters and rescues around Missouri. Through supplemental fundraising and donation collection, we hope to assist rescues, shelters, and animal welfare programs as well as educate and encourage the public to become involved. Our focus is primarily on the Mid-Missouri region, though we understand there is much more than just a local need.

    Our motivated group of individuals is devoted to doing our part to improve conditions for animals in Missouri. We have grown from one person’s dream into an organized committee working to network with local rescues and shelters. Our mission is to ensure that as many homeless animals as possible are S.A.F.E.


  • S: Supported through non-profit fundraising.
  • A: Advocated for by promoting awareness of animal homelessness, neglect, and cruelty as well as the needs of local rescues and shelters.
  • F: Foster community involvement and concern for animals in our area, and nationwide.
  • E: Educate the public about the importance of the following: spaying/neutering, breed research prior to choosing a pet, animal abuse and neglect, and alternatives to relinquishing family pets to shelters.


    Through our contacts, we have begun to network with others in order to support the cause. We are a small, but passionate, group that is ready to rally for the voiceless animals that are, or will become, homeless. It is so important to have the support of the community and, thus, we have taken to the web to further our efforts.